What skills will be needed for the 21st century

Creativity expert Sir Ken Robinson an advisor to the British government on education, previously Professor of Arts Education at the University of Warwick,  argues that there are four key skills that we need to teach young people to prepare them for the 21st century; Creativity, Compassion, Composure, and Collaboration.

The Conservative Coalition

Well that did not go exactly as expected… now I have a half written Debatabase debate about whether the largest party should go into coalition or form a minority government. This is clearly scuppered by a Conservative majority government that has been formed.

Get out and vote!

Just a reminder to anyone reading this in the UK to get out there and vote in the general election. It does not matter who you vote for it is the act of voting that counts. It is your one chance to influence the composition of the government for the next five years (if it lasts that long!)

Will a royal baby affect the election?

My boss and I have had a running joke about how the royal birth could affect the general election if it is just a few days before – when would be the most decisive time etc. Well it has happened; baby Charlotte Elizabeth Diana was born on Saturday evening, only five days before the general election. So could it affect the outcome? And what might that effect be?

Labour sets promises in stone

The British public is not very trusting of politicians.

Conservative Election Manifesto and Freedom of Speech

The party election manifestos are filled with large, often eye catching promises. Often these are costly; such as the ongoing question whether the Conservative party can afford £8billion for the NHS. But sometimes they are lest costly in terms of money but more so in other ways.

“Debate me! Let the people decide.”

   “David Cameron refused to come and debate tonight, but I’ve got a message for him. David if you think this election is about leadership then debate me one on one, I believe my ideas, my vision for the country is better for the working families of Britain, if you disagree then prove it. Debate me!

The UK Leaders TV Debate

We ended up with only one town hall style meeting and question session with TV inquisitor Jeremy Paxman for the two main party leaders and one much expanded debate with seven party leaders rather than a head to head debate between the those who may be Prime Minister of the United Kingdom come 8th May. That debate took place on Thursday evening.

IDEA UK takes part in DCLG focus group

(photo by Faiths Forum London - Lord Ahmad on the far right, me just about poking into the photo on the far left)

Will there be a ‘Brexit’?

While all eyes in the UK are focused on the General Election in May it should not be forgotten that the result of the General Election could have a profound impact on Britain’s relationship with the European Union.

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