Get out and vote!

Just a reminder to anyone reading this in the UK to get out there and vote in the general election. It does not matter who you vote for it is the act of voting that counts. It is your one chance to influence the composition of the government for the next five years (if it lasts that long!)

Elections in the UK typically have comparatively low turnout; 65.1% in 2010 (a little up from 61.4% five years earlier). But this election is tighter than ever so how individuals vote matters more than in most elections.

Even voting in safe seats may make a difference in terms of the legitimacy of the government as Cameron has declared that Miliband would not be legitimate as PM if Labour came second, but what about if labour came second in seats but won the popular vote? More likely would be Cameron’s conservatives winning the popular vote but not having most seats.

But what about the legitimacy of coalitions? It is quite possible that no two parties (except Labour and Conservatives combined) will have the seats to form a coalition. Although seats will remain what matters the combined popular vote of two parties may play a role in the question of legitimacy of the resulting government.

But even if all this does not matter you should still get out and vote; it is your civic duty, and it only takes a few minutes (unless you are in a very rural constituency).

What’s more across most of the country it is a nice day, so no excuses!

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