This house believes that internet access is a human right

Internet is the best way to

Internet is the best way to work for human rights. I am also a social worker and I am going to ask an expert to do my essay UK, about how can we use internet for Human rights

I am hoping that this would

I am hoping that this would inspire hundreds of governments around the world. It is really good to see many new-generation type laws are passed by German Government. I think they have a great system and they believe in moral values.

look here

I find this very interesting.

I find this very interesting. Just take some few restrictions. Human Rights has it's own limitation also. We can't handle things by our own. Policies and sovereign  laws must followed. Thi is just an  opinionated view. Appreciated the things you've got here. Thanks for sharing..

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the right rights!!

No doubt but some restrictions will be needed.

Thank you for posting this

Thank you for posting this article. I really enjoyed reading this.

Many countries engage in some

Many countries engage in some form of internet censorship, whether it is in the form of banning an online community or a full-blown censoring of popular websites such as YouTube or Wikipedia. Internet censorship is defined as "control or suppression of the publishing or accessing of information on the Internet." Countries vary in how strict or lax the control is over the Internet, but even the most lax countries still target certain websites such as religion-related sites or social networking sites, and ban them accordingly.

On morality, it almost throws

On morality, it almost throws up its hands. It refers to another General Comment (number 22) which observed that “the concept of morals derives from many social, philosophical and religious traditions: consequently,… for the purpose of protecting morals must be based on principles not deriving exclusively from a single tradition”. Meaning what in practice

Sorry I dont understand, what

Sorry I dont understand, what throws up its hands?

Internet provides freedom

For many people living under opaque political regimes, where human rights abuses are commonplace and accessing information is difficult, the internet provides a safe haven. It is a means of exposing cruelty and 'naming and shaming' despotic regimes. Without it, many abuses would go unnocitied, whereas at present, people can video such actions and upload them online, that is if they have access to the internet... International standing and reputation remain important and the fear of being exposed online is a powerful tool that should not be withheld from those nations that cannot afford it or do not have the technology to make it available on a national level. 

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