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Articles and discussion on more abstract and metaphysical debate topics. Discuss the nature of rights, of consciousness, of matter itself. This forum also plays host to debates on theological and spiritual issues.
210 From the concept of God in our mind to the existence of God in objective reality by Arn 1 May 2017
Discuss the relationship between art, entertainment and society. Examine the business and economics of mass entertainment; debate censorship and regulation of literature and visual media.
278 This House Would not award artists whose art glorifies violence and/or crime by Harsh Sunil 7 Apr 2017
Discussion on all forms and formats of competitive and educational debate - including British Parliamentary, Karl Popper and World Schools styles.
503 TH regrets the commercialization of sports by Ven Zhao 20 Jan 2017
Exchange views on contemporary international conflicts, disputes and alliances between states, the future of globalisation and the changing role of inter-governmental and supranational organisations such as the U.N. and the E.U.
507 Winter or Summer Olympics? by Aldrin Dran 12 Jul 2016
Forum reserved for discussing debates on the debatabase. You can create a new discussion from a debate page by clicking on the 'discuss this' button.
1816 Should Parenting Classes be compulsory... by Azlan_hashim 14 May 2016
The place to discuss idebate.org's new look and get tips on using the site's features. idebate.org's administrators and writers welcome all questions, comments, bug reports and complaints.
From jurisprudence and alternative dispute resolution through to prisons' policy and divorce law, the Law forum is the place to share discussion and opinion on the third branch of the state. Discuss legal development and philosophy, examine other states' court systems and critique your own. Discuss constitutional law and the checks and balances used to control state power. Explore the procedural, academic and intellectual aspects of politics.
467 This house would prohibit British companies from trading with governments that criminalise ... by Hasan Imtiaz 20 Jan 2016
Introduce yourself to the idebate.org forums and connect with your fellow debaters.
78 Debating Club at the University of St. Gallen / Debating Club an der Universität St. Gallen by Jan-Gunther Gosselke 23 Oct 2015
Discuss the supervision and structuring of communities and places. Explore educational and welfare policy. Prepare for motions on the role of the family, child-rearing, religion in public life and multiculturalism.
326 Syrian Problem İn Turkey by Utku Aydın 13 Apr 2015
Let idebate.org and some of the world's most accomplished debaters show you how to make the dismal science a little less dismal. Get tips and tricks for discussing all aspects of international and domestic economics. Get vital insight into the workings of complicated financial instruments, state debt and customs unions.
301 Does London need a new airport? Or new runways? Or just a high speed railway… by stephenward 21 Jan 2015
New to debating? No matter what the format, this forum is your one-stop destination for tips and FAQs on speaking, preparing for debates and conducting research.
50 "Wikipedia is a better resource than many libraries" by Lauraa Laura 3 Oct 2014
A forum experienced debaters to discuss adjudication skills, coaching techniques and organising tournaments.
1 Equity violations by Alexander Cavell 20 Mar 2012
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