TH regrets the commercialization of sports

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TH regrets the commercialization of sports

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TH regrets the commercialization of the football

  1. Commercialization diminishes the efficiency of the development of this sport. As the football industry is runned commercially, it is usually competed within several sport clubs, which led to some vicious competition—the unnecessary bid for the super star player, the unreasonably high salary for the famous coaches. While we try to decommercialize this sport, it will be more like to be run by the government as a necessity of life, just like education, which is granted by government budget. And in this way, there will be less unreasonable cost for the players and coaches.
  2. The commercialization of football led to the unequal distribution of social resources and public attention among sport sectors in general. Driven the profits, the investors of sports will only invest in the heatest sport sector, like football, basketball, which means fewer attention would be paid to other sports, like long jumping, high jumping ,wrestling,z etc. This unequal phenomenon hampered the overall behavior of the sport.
  3. Commercializaiton of footbal deformed the development of football industry due to its inate "ultiritarian"  strait. As often could be understood from common sense that male palyers, the normal male players often could get better result than female player and disable players. And due to the ultiritarian trait of commerse itself, they will direct all the advertisment sponsor and best facilities to the more eye-catchiing player, which made narrow space for development of female soccer and soccer for paralimpics.
  4. Commercializaiton of football means the endless endorsement of products, not only sports products, but also irrelevant things, from telephone, to coca cola. And we know that the success of certain sport industry would create the imaginary community within which people are with the same sport identity. This sport identity are usually packaged with endless commercial identity,i.e. the products they use. Fans of the football or certain football star are buying the cltohes they don't need, the bad for their health carbonated drinks to satisfy their sport identity.

For all the reasons above, we are proud to propose.


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