IDEA believes that the skills acquired from even the most basic debate training are important, if not essential, for a valuable contribution to any part of a person’s professional, social and personal development.

Thinking rationally and critically, without descending in to hearsay, emotivism, received opinion or laziness of thought, are powerful skills and are often immensely rewarding. 
We teach these valuable skills - skills that are used around the world to further the advancement of science, pass laws and avoid wars - to disadvantaged young people in over 50 countries and the benefits are immediately obvious.
IDEA makes daily strides in promoting tolerance and freedom of speech throughout the world. Perhaps most importantly, IDEA creates a profound and positive influence on thousands of young people, particularly in minority communities, by equipping them with the skills and self-confidence to assume leadership roles and address the crucial issues surrounding them. 
With your help, IDEA can continue to reach out to those who are hard to reach; can give something invaluable to those who have so little; and can help inspire young leaders around the world.