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IDEBATE Press is committed to helping educators across the globe by providing them with high quality debate education materials.

Here you will find activities, worksheets, and handouts for several of our books. Teacher's editions included in these PDFs make grading student achievement a breeze.

If you have any questions, please contact Jackson Tucker, publications associate for IDEBATE Press.


  Conflict and Communication - Handouts [PDF]
  Exploring Future Options - Handouts [PDF]
  FOCUS - Handouts [PDF]
  One World - Teaching Tolerance and Participation - Handouts [PDF]
  On Demand Writing - Handouts [PDF]
  Speaking Across the Curriculum - Handouts [PDF]
  Using Deliberative Techniques in the EFL Classroom - Handouts [PDF]
  Using Deliberative Techniques to teach Financial Literacy - Handouts [PDF]
  Using Deliberative Technicues to teach US History - Handouts [PDF]