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Neil Harvey-Smith simply defines motions as “the topic for debate, worded “This House…”” (p.186) Essentially this house is the group that is proposing an action and that proposed action is the statement that follows.

In this page you will find hundreds of motions, many of them suggested by users, and some from tournaments that you may use as you wish. The intention of this list to give you ideas for possible debate motions so we have also included motions from the Debatabase. Where the proposer of the motion is known this also shows.

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This House believes that Indonesia should significantly increase its military budget.
This House would ban photoshoping human beings in ads and magazines
This House would create provisions for income tax benefits, to high performing individuals who volunteer, for their contributions to the society
This House Would encourage the separation Muslims and Hindus in India
(for countries that dont already have it) This House would implement equal pay legislation
Abolish statutes of limitations on all felonies
Actively circumventing Internet censorship is a legitimate foreign policy tool
Are Multiple Vaccines Safe?
Ban animal testing (junior)
Ban online gambling (Junior)
Ban the niqab and other face coverings in schools (Junior)
Corporal Punishment for Adult Offenders
Deny Organs to Non-Donors
Sean Husband
European Parliament elections should involve only one voting district: all of Europe and not separate country seats
Every child should have a mobile phone. (Junior)
Governments should prioritise spending money on youth
Homework is a waste of time. (Junior)
Introduce a “fat tax” (Junior)
Is it worth voting? (First past the post systems)
Kill One to Save Many (Junior)
Sean Husband
Les écoles unisexes sont une bonne chose pour l'éducation.
Neo-functionalism explains the integration of the European Union
Obama vs. Romney: Does campaign finance in the United States need to be fixed?
Obama vs. Romney: Should the U.S. Government continue to spend at current levels even if it means raising taxes
Obama vs. Romney: Should the United States increase the foreign aid budget?
Obama vs. Romney: Should the United States scale back the War on Drugs?
Poetry should not be taught in schools (Junior)
Rosie Macleod
Raise the school leaving age to 18 (Junior)
Damjan Denkovski
Ratify the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA).
Nick Bibby
Resolved: Adaptation should be the most urgent response to Climate Change.
Nick Bibby
Should a new global body, the United Nations Committee for Internet Related Policies, take over internet governance?
Nick Bibby
Should governments be allowed to disrupt Internet service on grounds of national security?
Ina Subulica
Should the UN Recognize a Palestinian State?
Nick Bibby
Should we fear the power of government over the Internet?
Daniël Schut
TH believes that memes do more harm than good
TH prefers technocracy to democracy
TH regrets joining Facebook
TH regrets strong society norms in favour of monogamy
TH regrets the Arab Spring
TH regrets the declIne of labor unions.
TH regrets the existence of Valentine’s Day
TH regrets the founding of the European Union
TH regrets the influence of YouTube on popular culture
TH regrets the stigma against speaking critically of recently deceased celebrity figures
TH regrets Zimbabwe's 2013 elections
TH supports campaigns like "Kony 2012”
TH supports the use of bounty hunters in law enforcement
TH welcomes the advent of extreme genetic advancements for humans
TH, as Aljazeera, would have broadcasted the videos of the Toulouse attacks.
That all states should immediately ratify the U.N. Convention on the Rights of Migrant Workers and their Families.