Best Romanian debaters face off in national final in June

"Tinerii Dezbat ("The Youth Debates") is the largest debate competition for high school students in Romania. The 5th edition is gathering 242 high schools each represented by a team and a teacher. The regional competitions gathered over 600 teenagers and 200 teachers in tournaments that took place simultaneously in 11 cities from Romania. (Pictures available here)
The final tournament will take place in Tirgu Jiu (June 13 - 15) and will allow students to debate in World Schools format on contemporary issues such as:
  • This house believes that roma girls should be prioritized in the special places alloted for roma in schools. 
  • This house would sanction the support of politicians by  members of religious cults.
Initiated in 2010 , "Tinerii Dezbat" ("The Youth Debates") is included in the official  high school contests calendar of the Ministry of Education, alongside olympiads and is designed to grow and sustain the debate movement in Romania. Each year, some of the most important governmental and non-governmental organizations adhere to the program as partners and propose motions concerning minorities rights, individual freedom and democracy values.
This year's partners are: 
  • ARDOR (The Romanian Association for Debate, Oratory and Rhetoric)
  • The National Council for Combating Discrimination
  • The National Agency for Roma
  • The Department for Inter-ethnic relations of the Romanian Government
  • UNICEF Romania
  • "Impreuna" Agency for Community Development
  • The Romanian-American Foundation
  • "Dignitas" Foundation

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