Dutch WUDC preliminary rounds motions

World University Debating Championships 2017 is hosted in Hague, Netherlands. Here are the motions from the 9 preliminary rounds of the tournament.

Round 1: This house believes that post-genocidal regimes should destroy all places of extermination (for example, death camps).

Round 2: This house would allow members of the armed forces to form labour unions.

Round 3: This house believes that sport leagues should significantly tax and redistribute from wealthier teams to poorer teams

Round 4: In areas with rapidly rising property prices, this house would suspend all restrictions on property development that are not health and safety requirements (for example, environmental zoning regulation)

Round 5: This house believes that the Netherlands should allow citizens to purchase additional votes at a cost proportional to their wealth.

Round 6: This house believes the world would be a better place if women from privileged backgrounds turned down any benefits arising from affirmative actions programs.

Round 7: This house believes that South Korea should produce nuclear weapons

Round 8: This house regrets the glamorization of start-up culture that encourages people to start own companies rather than pursue traditional career paths.

Round 9: This house would temporarily and significantly relax minimum labour standards in times of unusually high unemployment, including workplace health and safety standards, minimum wage, working hour restrictions etc.

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