Proposal for Council

For the attention of World Universities Debating Council delegates: as you may have noticed on the agenda for tomorrow's Worlds Council there is a proposal to resurrect my old rankings (based on performance at the last 5 worlds) and officially sanction these as a World Rankings in opposition to my new system.

I was aware that this was mooted but given that the agenda was only published today I have only got confirmation that this proposal is actually going before council.  Unfortunately I will not be at council.  I have e-mailed Jens and Simone on this issue but I'm not sure that they will get the mail at this late stage.

Therefore I would like to ask delegates to propose that, rather than starting up another World Rankings that instead council holds off officially sanctioning any rankings or starting an alternative for just one year.  That way I will have had time to work any kinks out of the new system.  I realise that there has been some discussion about the new system and I have been working on a version that takes this feedback into account.  There will be much more on this in the coming days & weeks.  Given that I published the old rankings for many years with no support from council (to be fair I didn't ask for any) I would like to think I deserve at least a year to prove that the new system works and is better.  Council worked perfectly well without officially sanctioning a ranking system up to now and another year will make little difference.  If after a year the new system is not accepted and is proven not to work then I will return to the old system and run it for Council.  Multiple world rankings will only confuse things especially for those outside debating who societies may be approaching for sponsorship etc.

So if any delegates are reading this I would ask you to propose and vote that council postpone any decision on rankings for one year.




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