News from the IDEA Network

7 Oct 2015
Article by Roeland Hemsteede, Programme Manager, IDEA NL:
28 Sep 2015
What better place is there to host The Great Student Debate on the Mythology of Democracy than in the Old Greek Parliament in Athens, Greece, the birthplace of...
28 Sep 2015
On Thursday 25 September 2015, Eva Otanke, an experienced debater and adjudicator who works with IDEA Francophone, facilitated a training session in...
17 Sep 2015
Social media is the communication channel of our time, and extremism, particularly terrorism, is one of the currently dominant concerns. Both come together...
14 Sep 2015
The IDEA Debate Exchange 2015 was yet again a great success. The training and exchange event in Ljubljana for, mostly, European student debate organisations...
3 Sep 2015
The project – Let the youth talk!