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A Priori
Group: A Priori
Manager: President 50
Members: 2
A. Craig Baird Debate Forum
Manager: David Hingstman
Members: 1
A.S.D.V. Bonaparte
Members: 3
Aberystwyth Debating Union
Manager: Fellow Debater 8
Members: 1
Abylaikhan - Абылайхан
Adelaide University
Manager: Rebecca McEwan
Members: 1
ADM William J Crowe Debate Society
AFA Debattierclub
Manager: Mag Tobias Cerha
Members: 1
Group: Agora
Members: 1
Ahmet Urpaktary - Ахмет Урпактары
All Universities in Berlin
Manager: President 39
Members: 3
Amalgamated Forum For Youth Development
American Academy Tbilisi Debating Society
American University Debate Society
Amos J Peaslee Debate Society
Manager: Jenny Koch
Members: 2
Anhui University Debating Society
ANU Debating Society
Members: 1
Assas Rhétorique
Manager: Kathryn English
Members: 1
ASU Debate Team
Manager: Chris Harper
Members: 1
ASU Forensics
Manager: Adam Symonds
Members: 1
Athens Law School Debating Club
Manager: President 2
Members: 1
AUC Debating DICTA
Manager: Tien De Vries
Members: 1
AUDAS - Agrupación Ucevista de Debate y Acción Social
AUEB Debating Society
Manager: President 23
Members: 2
Augustana Debate Union
Manager: Max Archer
Members: 1
AUS Debate Club
Manager: President 5
Members: 5
Thessaloniki Debate Society
AUW Debating Society
Manager: Nawra Mehrin
Members: 1
Azusa Pacific University Forensics Team
Bar-Ilan Debating Society
Manager: Nathen Yacov-Hai
Members: 1
Barkley Forum
Manager: Melissa Wade
Members: 1
Bath University Debating Society - BUDS
BBU Debating Club
Manager: Bianka Prunea
Members: 1
Bellevue College Speech and Debate Society
Berlin Debating Union
Members: 1
Bethel University Forensics Team
BGU's Debating Club
Members: 1
Bilkent Debate
Manager: Mertkan Aydin
Members: 1
Binghamton University
Members: 1
Binus International Pool of English Debaters (BIPEDS)
Biola Speech and Debate Team
Manager: Daniel Elliot
Members: 1
Bishkek Financial College Debating Society
BNEC (Bina Nusantara English Club) Debate Division
Bogazici University Debating Society
Boston University Debate Society
Botho College Debate Union
Manager: Tumo Mpatane
Members: 1
Botswana Debate Development Organization
BPP Debating Society (postgraduate)
BRAC University Debating Society
Brandeis Academic Debate and Speech Society
Brock Debate Society
Manager: Bryan Levesque
Members: 1
Brooks Quimby Debate Council
Manager: Jane Hovden
Members: 1
Brown Debating Union
Manager: Joe Rosner
Members: 1
Bryn Mawr Debate Society
Manager: Ankita Kochhar
Members: 1
Bulawayo Polytechnic Debate Society
Butler University Debating Society
C Richard Petticrew Forum (Purdue Speech and Debate)
Cadet Forensics Association
Cal Poly Debate
Manager: T C Winebrenner
Members: 1
California State (CSU) Long Beach Debating Society
California State University, Sacramento Debate Team
Cambridge Union Society
Manager: James Gamble
Members: 6
Group: CANDO
Manager: Ja-In Huh
Members: 1
Çankaya Münazara
Members: 1
Cape Cod Community College Debate Club
Cardiff University Debating Society
Carleton Forensics Society
Manager: Laura Michell
Members: 1
Carnegie Mellon Qatar Debating Society
Carthage College Debate and Forensics Team
Case Club
Group: Case Club
Members: 1
Centrale Debating Club
Manager: Steve Brown
Members: 1
CEU Debate Society
Manager: President 8
Members: 2
Chabot College Debate Society
Manager: Jason Ames
Members: 1
Chicago Debate Society
Manager: Jon Haderlein
Members: 1
Christ University Debate Society
Clinica Experimental de Oralidad
CLLDS (College of Languages and Linguistics)
Club de Debate CEU San Pablo
Club Débat & Leadership
Manager: Angoni Clement
Members: 1
Club Débat & Leadership
Members: 1
Club debat de l'Universite d'Abomey
Club debates UrAGS
Manager: Aparina Kristina
Members: 1
Club Debati MGUA (Клуб Дебаты МГЮА)
CNAQ Debate Club
Manager: President 7
Members: 1
Colgate Debate Society
Manager: Travis Steele
Members: 1
College Historical Society
Manager: Liam ONeill
Members: 3
Columbia Basin College Debating Society
Columbia Parliamentary Debate Society
Concordia Forensics
Manager: Fred Sternnhage
Members: 1
Concordia Forensics Team
Manager: Korad Hack
Members: 1