Offline Training

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Many of IDEA's international events take the form of tournaments, which give young people the opportunity to practice the skills they've learned. All of IDEA's tournaments also have training sessions running alongside.

Youth Forum
The IDEA Youth Forum is our flagship event: an annual debate tournament, in the Karl Popper format, where students from different countries are mixed together into three-person teams. The Youth Forum attracts young people from over 30 countries for debate, discussion and cross-cultural interaction. Students can also compete in the Karl Popper Debate Championship, for national teams. When not debating, students attend training sessions with IDEA trainers and coaches, learning how to debate better and about methods for approaching issues thoughtfully and critically. The Forum is an ideal environment for students from across the world to meet, discuss and deliberate, and to learn about other cultures and countries.

The IDEA Youth Forum takes place annually in late July. In 2012, the Youth Forum will take place at the Universidad Iberoamericana in Leon, Mexico.

The IDEA China Open
The annual China Open, which first took place 28-30 May 2011 at Xi'an Jiaotong University, is a large debate tournament featuring English and Mandarin debate divisions, as well as a division of Moot Court. In 2011, Winners of the Mandarin and English divisions each won a tour of the Pacific Northwest region of the USA. The tournament included 116 participating teams, with university students from China, the United States, Australia and the Philippines. 

The tournament implements the Four-Team Parliamentary Debate format in both the English and Mandarin divisions. In 2011, 80 teams debated in the English division and 36 teams debated in the Mandarin division. The Moot Court division introduces students to the rule of law, legal representation, court etiquette, techniques, strategies and competition in a simulated courtroom atmosphere.

World Online Debating Championships (WODC)
Hosted by Debatewise in association with IDEA, the competition invites national teams from every corner of the globe to debate together online. These debates are a unique opportunity for any debater with an Internet connection to gain different world perspectives. To learn more, visit


Other Training

Debate in the Neighborhood (DIN) | Dutch | English
Since 2007, IDEA-NL have run an innovative project that takes debate to marginalized and disadvantaged young people, giving them the desire and the capacity to voice issues that concern them and become more engaged and participatory citizens. Through trainings, the organization of public debates and the invitation of local policy-makers, DIN participants are encouraged to think critically and to consider other people's points of view thoughtfully and rationally.

IDEA-UK is working to bring DIN to the UK and encourages any interested organization to get in touch.

The IDEA Exchange
The Exchange, an annual event that brings together IDEA members for an exchange of views and information, focuses on the role of new media in promoting debate and social change. New media encompasses digital, computerized or networked information and communication technologies. The Exchange provides an opportunity to explore a variety of topics related to the use of digital and Internet technologies to engage young people as well as different segments of the population in the process of communication, debate, dialogue and participation in change.

Debate for Learning and Dialogue (DLD)
DLD aims to encourage young people (aged 15-25) into Euro-African dialogue. The primary goal of the project is to help young people learn more about African countries if they are European, and vice versa. The project also aims to increase youth participation and involvement in local communities by letting them participate in information campaigns aimed at the promotion of Euro-African dialogue.