Teaching Tools

Delivery Warmups

There are several methods.

Horse noises: have students force air between their closed lips in order to make a horse-like noise as their lips vibrate together, as a way of loosening the muscles around the mouth

Speed-drills: have students read something aloud at various speeds (slow, normal, fast) in order to get the eyes and the tongue used to working together.

Face-stretches: have students try to get their mouth, nose, and eye-brows as close-together as possible, then as far apart as possible (for added humor, and stretching too, they can stick out their tongue at the same time) as a way to loosen the face-muscles.

General stretching: since tension can cause stumbling and shaking, any body stretching is good, in particular neck-rolls (in which the head is brought toward one shoulder, then to the front, then to the other shoulder) are a common speaking warm-up.